Jokingly called ''Ponka Wonka'' in one of the episodes, Pinkamena is a Pinkie Pie doll without the traditional curly hair, Pinkamena is a reference to the famous mlp ''cupcakes'' creepypasta, being created by Maleah's friends annoying her by constantly saying she shouldn't wonder around it. Pinkamena craves food and was raised by Twilight and Rarity, and only ate every few seconds, and couldn't get sick. her food obsession is actually based off of how Pinkie Pie from ''Cupcakes'' cooked and baked her victims into cupcakes.

  • Pinkamena was not first the main character of the show, as Spike, was going to be the main character, on season 1 Maleah was going to change it, but Pinkamena has been this way for a whole year
    • Despite looking like a female, it is confirmed that Pinkamena is indeed not male or female, but is a food.
    • Pinkamena is also known as, Pinka, Ponka Wonka, and, food maggot.